We help your employees address personal
challenges, so they can be successful at work.

A Supportive Workplace is Good for Business.

Your employees are the lifeblood of your business. 而且,GrOW是一项独特的员工福利,它在您的站点中嵌入一个Navigator以支持员工. 导航员可以帮助他们应对工作之外日常生活的干扰, so they can be present and focused at work.

导航员会成为你的员工所熟悉的面孔. We maintain confidentiality and use our knowledge of community resources (and your employee benefits package) to empower your employees to make decisions that are right for them.

Bottom line—better for everyone.

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An Employee Benefit with Concrete Business Outcomes.

Increase Employee Success

By working with a GROW Navigator, your employees can handle situations that might have caused performance and attendance challenges.


More Inclusive Workplace

When everyone can succeed, your workplace becomes more inclusive, more equitable and more welcoming.

Increase Retention

个人和职业上的挑战会让员工无法全身心投入工作. 通过与成长领航员合作,员工可以制定一个计划,让他们继续工作.

Put the Whole Person First

According to Gartner在美国,支持员工的雇主发现,高绩效员工的数量增加了20%. Prioritize people and productivity follows.

成长计划为牛bow员工提供了全新的服务和支持. Our Navigator is accessible, resourceful and creative, 帮助员工以人力资源团队和经理无法做到的方式应对生活中的困难挑战. GrOW is a trusted partner and a sound investment.

How We Help.


On-Site + One-on-One Support

在现场和需求,成长导航成为一个熟悉的面孔在您的工作场所. No number to call. No appointment needed. Unlimited support.

Fill in Where Employers Can’t

Navigators deal with the “tough stuff” that employees are not likely to share with their employer. 员工可以讨论个人和工作问题——保密,不加评判.

Maximize Internal and External Resources

成长导航员在员工之间建立了更强的联系, the resources of the community, and your employee benefits.

What Can Navigators Support Employees With?

GrOW Navigators bring a flexible toolkit to support employees with anything that might keep them from being physically or mentally present at work. Some (but nowhere near all) of those are:

  • Rental assistance and utility subsidies
  • Stress and mental health
  • Relationships and family responsibilities
  • Budgeting and household expenses
  • Reliable transportation
  • Affordable childcare
  • Understanding and using employee benefits
  • Goal setting and building healthy habits
  • Education and career advancement
  • Building emergency savings
  • Retirement planning
  • Buying a home or car

What Our Support Means to Your Employees.

A Safe Home for Her and Her Children.

"卡米"在抚养权问题上急需帮助,而且要快. 如果这周末她找不到律师的话, 她孩子的父亲打算带着他们的孩子搬到德克萨斯州去. 因为她失去了监护权,只有探视权,卡米知道她要打架了. The most affordable lawyer she found asked for $2,500 up front before they would even look at her case.

感觉被打败了,卡米决定去见现场领航员. In one meeting, 领航员能够联系领航员首选的律师, explain the urgency of the situation, 安排卡米只付200美元的定金. 然后,律师和卡米做了一个符合她预算的付款安排. With the help of the Navigator and the attorney, Cammy was not only able to stop the relocation, but she now has full custody of her children.

woman walking hand-in-hand with four young children
two women having a conversation

Relief for an Employee and Concerned Managers.

两名经理担心一名处于危险境地的员工. 他们找到了领航员,因为这个问题超出了他们的范围. The employee was hesitant to meet with the Navigator due to fear of judgment or making matters worse. However, once the employee sat down with the Navigator, they immediately knew it was a safe, confidential space to discuss their problem openly. Together, the employee and the Navigator discussed the violence occurring in her home and identified individuals whom she could reach out to as a support system.

The Navigator called the Women’s Center for Advancement (WCA) and connected her to a support group and legal assistance when the client was ready. 客户带着希望和创造一个更安全的家庭环境的计划离开了. 她对《kok娱乐》杂志说:“我不认为这行得通,但我感觉好多了. 这对我很有帮助,因为你知道我不是受害者,你也没有把我当成受害者.”

A Move from Uncertain Renter to Confident Homeowner.

“史蒂夫”的租约即将到期,他不确定是否要续约. 他想要一个更好的家庭和社区来抚养他的孩子. 他请领航员帮他再找个地方出租, but after reviewing his credit and income, 领航员问他是否考虑过拥有一栋房子. Steve always thought homeownership was not possible for him due to his criminal record and lack of knowledge of the process.

The Navigator was able to educate Steve on the qualifications and responsibilities of homeownership and give him the good news that he was qualified. 然后,领航员给他介绍了一位抵押贷款官员和一位房地产经纪人. He contacted them the same day. Within a month, Steve closed on his first home, 正式让他成为家里第一个拥有自己房子的人. Overwhelmed with joy, Steve moved his family into their new home and even joined the neighborhood watch association to ensure this neighborhood would remain safe for years to come.

close up of a man's hand holding house keys

我们希望支持员工成为最好的自己. So many employees have distractions and crises outside of work that make it difficult for them to be focused and present at work, yet they have little to no support system. GrOW allows employees to get support one-on-one in a safe, confidential space by providing guidance, helping them find resources, 并在生活的挑战中提供支持系统,只要他们需要. 对我们来说,这是一个帮助支持全体员工的机会.   

Meet Our Team.

GrOW Navigators help your employees build the skill set they need to tackle future challenges and make progress toward their long-term goals. 一路走来,他们知道只要他们需要帮助,随时可以来找我们.

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Alexis Kimmi

Heidi Smith

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Krista Crosby

Kedra Prescott

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Greater Omaha Worklab (GrOW) do?

We help employees stay and thrive in the workplace through on-site personal coaching and resource navigation. GrOW provides one-on-one support services to employees of member companies with the goal of ensuring that employees have what they need to come to work and to focus on being successful in the workplace and their personal lives.

What value does GrOW provide?

Our employer partners receive value by having a trusted resource working directly with their employees. GrOW Navigators are impartial and completely confidential and help eliminate obstacles that can keep employees from being fully mentally or physically present at work.

Employees receive value by having access to a professional who knows what resources are available locally and can quickly align those resources to help employees find solutions to life’s challenges.

Local non-profits, government agencies and private businesses receive value because GrOW Navigators guide employees to appropriate services.

What types of organizations can use a GrOW Navigator?

Any. If you value your employees and care about their long-term success inside and outside of the workplace, 那么将Navigator添加到您的工作场所福利套件中是适合您的.

My company has an EAP program. What is the difference?

Our services complement EAP programs, 哪些咨询服务主要针对心理和情感问题. EAP的好处通常是短期的,远程进行,并且限制了会话的数量.

By contrast, 只要员工需要或希望获得帮助,GrOW导航员就会在现场提供帮助. Thus, GrOW Navigators are helping resolve immediate needs and working with employees on longer-term stability and growth objectives. In addition, our GrOW Navigators recognize situations where an EAP benefit is appropriate and facilitate the connection. 

What background do GrOW Navigators have?

Relationships and trust guide a successful GrOW Navigator. 导航员在动机性访谈方面有经验并接受额外的培训, mental health first aid and are trauma-informed.

领航员具备人力资源和雇佣实践方面的工作知识. 此外,我们的导航员了解并接受财务指导方面的额外培训. Lastly, Navigators have familiarity with community resources and the ability to coordinate services for our clients.

Is the Navigator a counselor or licensed therapist?


How can we promote these services to our employees?

GrOW Navigator服务是您为培养员工而进行的一项投资. A Navigator’s mission is to guide people toward solutions to challenges and empower rather than “fix” people. Therefore, 它不应该被定位或视为员工只在紧急情况下使用的服务. Because GrOW Navigators are a third party, and because of the confidentiality commitment, employees are less likely to feel that their professional reputation is at risk due to personal challenges.


我们将管理层和人力资源部门视为支持员工的合作伙伴, 了解必须为员工保密. Our Program Director manages the overall employer relationships and checks in with HR and management via regular meetings.


GrOW Navigators explain to the employee that their conversations are held in confidence unless the person permits us to share information – the only exception being if there is a concern that the person will harm themselves or others. No specifics are shared with the employer.

How long will an employee be served?

员工使用Navigator的会话数没有限制. In addition, the employee can continue to work with their Navigator as long as they remain at one of our partner companies.

Should everyone go through the program?

Navigator sessions are open to all employees. We work with the employer to promote the program through various channels visible to employees at all levels: new hire orientation, emails, website, bulletin boards, etc. 我们也鼓励雇主将员工直接推荐给领航员. However, the employee is ultimately the decision-maker as to whether they use the services offered. In addition to assisting employees, our Navigators are available to their family members, one generation up, down and across. 

How can a supervisor work with a GrOW Navigator?

Managers and supervisors play an essential role in the success of their employees and the integration of the GrOW program into the workplace culture. 主管-员工关系是员工到Navigator的关键转介点. 主管通常会首先从员工那里了解到潜在的障碍. 让员工向领航员寻求帮助, they can often get their employees the help they need before it affects their performance at work. 

我们是科罗拉多州丹佛市Worklife Partnership的区域服务提供商.

Worklife Partnership is a national nonprofit network that brings together businesses and community resources to enact new ideas and spread solutions. 在全国范围内,超过125,000名员工可以在29个州使用领航员. Together, we share a common goal to help people solve real problems through supportive relationships.

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